Danilo RODRIGUEZ (gt)
Rémi MATRAT (sx)
Josselin HAZARD (dms)
Alexandre PHALIPPON (bs)

With its frenetic and fractionned mind, DRH carves the granit with laser. The iron hands rulling it do not hesitate to deviate its route in impetuous parables. Always sensual, slowly swift and darkly gloomy, the music of these four pranks guides you in a hovering and compelling journey where free energy flirts with lyricism !




« Thin Ice » TOUR
11.10 @ La Marquise // Lyon // RELEASE PARTY
19.10 @ Güterbahnhof // Bremen (GER)
20.10 @ Schieszhaus // Zeulenroda (GER)
21.10 @ Immerhin // Würzburg (GER)
22.10 @ Kafe Kult // Munich (GER)

Past shows :

29/07/18 Burg Herzberg Festival (Germany)
02/02/18 Jack Jack (Bron, France)
23/09/2017 Freakshow ArtRock Festival (Würzburg, Germany)